Greg Miraglia Teaches
“The Secrets Of The Perfect Scone”

Join Greg Miraglia for his special Food Enthusiasts Program class benefiting Outbeat Radio on radio station KRCB in Santa Rosa!  This is a hands-on cooking class that will take place in the professional teaching kitchen at the Napa Valley Cooking School at Napa Valley College in Saint Helena.  You will learn how to make 9 different flavors and three different styles of scones including both savory and sweat.  This class will also feature a tasting of local butter; the secret of any good scone!  After your scones come out of the oven, you’ll enjoy a lunch featuring the fruits of your labor.

Once you get a taste of a home-baked scone, you’ll never settled for one of those chain coffee-house versions again.  Fresh, crisp, flakey, and delicious!  And when paired with coffee or tea, it’s pure heaven.

This class is perfect to take with your partner, child, or friend.  And best of all, you are supporting public radio and great programs like Outbeat Radio.


When:  Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 9AM to 12PM.
Where:  Napa Valley Cooking School, 1088 College Ave., Saint Helena, California
Cost:  $50 (Proceeds benefit KRCB Public Radio – Outbeat Radio)

Greg Miraglia served as the dean over the Napa Valley Cooking School for two years.  After retiring from administration, he attended the program as a student and has taken numerous Food Enthusiast classes since.

Cooking and eating good food has always been a huge part of my life.  I started learning at a young age from my grandmother.  I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to learn professionally from great chef instructors like Chef Barbara Alexander.  For me, cooking is a satisfying and creative way of bringing friends and family together.