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Not a big surprise, “Most Young Transgender and Non-Binary People Are Uncomfortable Telling Their Health Care Provider Their Gender Identity” #lgbt122 https://www.newsweek.com/trans-youths-gender-identity-healthcare-workers-1487804?fbclid=IwAR37I3WJANY7ATmRj-ig4UNt3ysf4EvSJHNsvPOrfmPh19ITKNES5QSoH14

Lumpia! at #thenapavalleycookingschool presented by Chef Roline @rolinesunifil #graduatesatwork #chefbwouldbeproud https://ift.tt/32i8V5x

Lumpia! Come learn with a hands on class happening next Friday at the Napa Valley Cooking School. Join me there at 5:30PM. http://napavalleycookingschool.com to register.

Rare gene found in transgender people? https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2020/02/transgender-people-may-rare-gene-variants-related-brain-sex-differentiation/ #lgbt122

Tuscan Shrimp and White Bean stew with a crusty piece of garlic bread. #fridaydinner #shrimpcookedperfectly https://ift.tt/2UC1nJ1

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