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Got your tickets to Finn Deerhart's "Replacing Shame With Pride" workshop happening June 15 at 9AM at Napa Valley College? Get your tickets now before this event sells out. @TheAgendaSF #NapaPride

Easter morning blueberry lemon muffins #lovemuffintops #homemadeisbest

We refuse to support business owners who think LGBTQ people are second-class. You don't get to have these views but also say everyone is welcome to spend money at your restaurant, hotel or other businesses. #boycott #nohate #noramekins #nogeneralsdaughter

Bravo @SFPD! I applaud your community engagement and recognition of this special year in Pride history. Looking forward to marching with you this June.

Don't like raspberries? Then try blueberries and mascarpone creme in your tart! #sweetblueberries #anythinggoeswithmascarpone #oneofeach

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